My name is Máximo Gómez,
I’m a family guy trying to live simpler and conscious, loving the outdoors and enjoying to create and design meaningful software products.

I'm from Uruguay and recently started to move around the world with my family! currently, I'm in NY (metropolitan area).

From my early years, I have a predisposition to enjoy solving problems, my father showed me the way with his mix of art and natural ability to craft useful things.

When I was young my Mom motivated and enrolled me in a small Design School, where I met my first mentor, he is that particular kind of teacher with a strong personality who prefers a very practical approach avoiding specific tools, always pushing me to try new design related stuff.

After that, I started to work as a Graphic Designer in a printing shop where I acquired the love for the paper stuff, In parallel, I took different kinds of workshops like video editing and more.

So I come back to my mentor to take a Web Design course, just to turn my way into the digital world. I think there was the first breakpoint on my journey because I had the first contact with very important concepts like User Interfaces, Usability, HTML/CSS and more.

When I started to work as a Web Designer and Front-end Developer, I immediately know that's my place, I consider myself as a lucky guy because I had the opportunity to constantly learn from many companies and teams, working inside and externally too.

Another milestone in my way was those intense years of work and learning on a growing software company where I also had the opportunity to make some friends for life and take the Scrum Master workshop, after that, I officially started to embrace the agile philosophy and combine those methodologies in my daily workflow.

In the last years, I being working all-most remotely as a Self-employed Designer collaborating with many companies and startups, also I had the chance to build and manage my own design teams in the middle.

I’m very grateful to all the people I met in this journey because I been improving my skills while I working side by side with them.

These days I'm complementing my experience taking some online courses as a member of the Interaction Design Foundation.

So, whats next? I’m always open to new challenges...

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