I’m a team player with vast experience working in-house and externally, side by side with entrepreneurs, product people and development teams.

Design for Agile Teams

From my very beginning, a variety of agile development teams and mentors have trained me to embrace methodologies and processes to add meaningful value cyclically.

Design for Startups

In the middle of my journey, some startups and entrepreneurs pushed me to define and prototype as fast as possible to validate their business ideas, then craft all the resources for the next phases.

I can easily identify three main lines of expertise in my career, where I had the opportunity to learn a lot from the value propositions to executions:


A user-centered design approach is needed to successfully combine healthcare and technology to improve people lives.


There is plenty of room to simplify and innovate financial stuff to reinvent old fashioned organizations with design thinking.

Share Economy

It's not enough just to understand users, in the shared economy, it is needed to take care of the relationship between them.


Of course, I also worked on many other categories like Politics, Education, Data Analysis, Maps and Geolocalization, Social Networks, and more...