I believe in design as an iterative process to solve functional problems! for that reason, I’m constantly trying to polish my own processes.

Understand and Define

I like to start from early stages, to understand users and context to help defining the solution.

Design and Iterate

I really love to iterate through proposals as quickly as possible, from simple drafts to final designs.

Prototype and Refine

I always craft interactive prototypes to test, refine and unify criteria for the whole processes.

Build and Launch

I usually being involved in the development phase to adapt and prepare guidelines and resources.

I like to open my progress from the very beginning, allowing the whole team evaluate ideas and proposals, keeping eyes over the efforts:


I'm always available to meet, chat, check in, video calls and keep project management tools updated on weekdays in a flexible time-span (ET).


I usually start any project with a shared online brief, to unify visions, craft user personas, describe user stories and more.

Open Design Process

I prefer to use online tools like Figma Design to involve the whole team in the design process, also for run real time design sessions.

Rapid Prototyping

I always take the advantage of rapid prototyping tools like Figma and InVision to test user flows during the process.

Product Discovery by Design!
I can help you to define, design and prototype your product or service idea in just one month.

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