Crafting a brand using a human-like character to empower a productivity chat-bot

The entrepreneurs on this case have a lean approach as their natural way to work, I've taken this advantage to made quickly design decisions as a team, to help them be ready to get out of the building ASAP with less effort as possible.

We've easily defined the name thinking in persons and celebrities who we know, persons that have the perfect personality we wanted to transmit in the chatbot, that approach also helped us to rapidly understand our Design Persona for the brand.

Obviously, we'd need a character to transmit that selected personality.

The basic idea for the brand comes from identifying some objects related to the environment where Suttna works.

Assets for Microsoft Teams marketplace

Assets for Slack marketplace


I strongly recomend you to try Suttna with your agile remote team, I can confidently say that Suttna will allow you forget daily checkings and take advantages from the daily sumary, stats, and other automation this product offer for your team: