Helping entrepreneurs to discover and prototype a mobile app to request primary medical attention

First of all, we ran remote real-time sessions to diverge and then converge all together... PO, Entrepreneur, Biz Strategist and I (Product Designer), to draft main user stories and align visions around, to finally define the scope of the MVP.

We'd figure out we will need 2 different apps to achieve the same purpose: “Bring better primary medical attention at patient home and potentially anywhere, avoiding the need to go to the clinic in most of the cases”.

Ones we had enough clear the problem and the possible solution we started to prototype the main user flows to validate the idea with potential patients and doctors.

Patient App

Using a lean approach with small iterations we crafted a realistic enough interactive prototype, mixing screenshots from other apps, simple wire-frame objects, and organic design.

We tried to make the request process as simple as possible focus the user attention one step at a time.

We kept in mind the focus on the patient to allow them to quickly review professional profiles of available doctors in the area to choose the perfect option in each case.

Doctor App

We'd rapidly prototype the main doctor flow, this side of the service also requires some paperwork and legal researchers until to bring it to live, to finally carefully evaluate independent doctors.