Iterate through proposals to improve how patients and doctors follow up on wellness progress

I jumped into this project with an effective and very experienced team of engineers, also I had the luck to collaborate with a great PO who is a master of macro management and a funny as professional Stakeholder who always be abailable.

The main vision to accomplish was: “Improve Patient-Doctor interaction around wellness treatments”.

First of all, we received a predesigned prototype that no matched very well with overall vision and the biz strategy. so we had to rethink all the stuff, we spent some time to explore variants to finaly validating the best way to tackle this UI challenge.

Once we iterated enough we craft an interactive prototype with the most popular variant from bunch of proposals, ready to the first test with potential users, including basic and detailed patient metrics, set goals and log progress.

When we had enough feedback we refined and extend the prototype using a more minimalist approach than the first round.

After the patient mobile prototipe were enough stable and ready to develop we crafted the testable prototype for the web side of this service just for doctors manage their patients progress and communicate with them through the app, also setting goals and send push notifications.